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  • Despite his inroads into the world of opera, Andrea Bocelli's fans still can't get enough of his uniquely romantic pop albums. Like Romanza and Sogno, but perhaps even more intimate and seductive, Andrea showcases the crossover superstar in a varied set of songs, all rich in sentiment and each one s..
    R$ 29,90
    1. Beautiful Woman 4:09 2. Step On Up 4:54 3. Good Guy 3:49 4. Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing 4:19 5. What The Deal 4:25 6. I Finally Know 5:05 7. Pass You By 4:26 8. Dreams 3:46 9. I Do 4:11 10. Thank You In Advance 4:11 11. Never Go Away 5:06 12. Lovely 5:30 13. Know What You..
    R$ 29,90
    1Carry On(3:56) 2I Had The Love In My Eyes(3:29) 3Something Else Again(3:45) 4The Girl With April in Her Eyes(4:15) 5Just In Time(5:11) 6Carry on (Reprise)(0:32) 7The Devil's Eye(4:34) 8It's Such A Long Way Home(2:50) 9Old-Fashioned People(3:27) 10Quiet Moments(1:38) 11Crusader: The Fa..
    R$ 24,90
    1Last Night(6:08) 2Fire on the Water(4:28) 3The Ballroom of Romance(4:27) 4The Lady in Red(4:16) 5Say Goodbye to It All(5:22) 6The Spirit of Man(4:40) 7Fatal Hesitation(4:16) 8One Word (Straight to the Heart)(4:31) 9For Rosanna(3:40) 10The Leader(2:16) 11The Vision(3:14) 12What About ..
    R$ 24,90
    1Don't Pay the Ferryman(3:48) 2Living on the Island(3:31) 3Crying and Laughing(4:33) 4I'm Counting on You(4:27) 5The Getaway(3:52) 6Ship to Shore(3:49) 7All the Love I Have Inside(3:18) 8Borderline(4:37) 9Where Peaceful Waters Flow(3:54) 10The Revolution(1:46) 11Light a Fire(2:08) 12L..
    R$ 24,90
    Tradition and the courage of creative innovators – that’s Stockfisch’s gift to music lovers – given as a trademark professionally and at this Christmas time given from the heart. Christmas may be Christmas every year, it comes alive forever new and warms the heart – this is what music does, and cert..
    R$ 79,90
    1Company Man(3:47) 2Johnnie Comes Back(3:55) 3Day Tripper(4:25) 4I Will Not Lie for You(3:16) 5Brother Trucker(4:01) 6Is That the Way You Look?(1:59) 7B.S.U.R. (S.U.C.S.I.M.I.M.)(3:22) 8Rainy Day Man(3:02) 9Millworker(3:52) 10Up on the Roof(4:22) 11Chanson Française(2:05) 12Sleep Come..
    R$ 34,90
    CD 1Mai(4:42) 2February Song(5:11) 3In Her Eyes(4:55) 4So She Dances(5:00) 5Un Dia Llegara(4:27) 6Pearls - Angélique Kidjo(5:54) 7Weeping(5:34) 8Machine(5:16) 9Awake(7:04) DVD 1You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) 2Mai 3Un Dia Llegara 4Un Giorno Per Noi 5Now or Never 6So She Dances 7..
    R$ 39,90
    Please take a few moments to read the extended information on this product. When you're done, feel free to listen to the sound samples at the bottom of this page. Thank you! Selections: 1. Born to be Blue 2. Feeling Good 3. My One and Only 4. Never Let Me Go 5. Weaver of Dreams 6. Until t..
    R$ 69,90
    1. O Verona 2. It's Ain't Necessarily So (Porgy and Bess) 3. Don't Rain on My Parade (Funny Girl) 4. MarArthur Park 5. Bridge Over Troubled Water 6. All By Myself 7. Bui-Doi (Miss Saigon) 8. Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat (Guys and Dolls) 9. Rhythm of Life (Sweet Charity) ..
    R$ 49,90